Google Play Store: An important change affects all Android users

Google Play Store: An important change affects all Android users

In February 2022, Google wants to change the Play Store. The change is intended to make app providers more transparent and clearer about what happens to users' data. In principle, however, data can still be collected.

Play Store: Google wants more data protection

Google has contacted app developers with a message. The announcement describes that there will be an important change in February 2022 that will affect all Android app developers equally. In the future, it should be made clearer what happens in detail with the collected user data . The background is a new function that developers can use to store information on user data in the Play Store itself.

This is good news for Android users, because the data collected by apps can then be viewed much more easily and centrally . Perhaps this will ensure that one or the other user deals more with the important topic of data protection. After the introduction in February, data and the purpose of the survey will be displayed transparently. From April 2022, this information will be mandatory for developers (source: Android Developers Blog).

No matter if Android or iOS - in the video you can see which apps belong on each smartphone:

What app developers are planning to do with data in detail should be easier to see in the Play Store in the future, even before the respective app is downloaded . In this way, users can get a better idea in advance of whether an alternative app that is less data-hungry might be available.

More data protection for apps: Apple is already one step further

While Google will not redesign its Play Store until spring 2022, Apple has already taken this step for its own App Store. Since December 2020, developers have had to specify more precisely which data is being collected and for what reason.


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