Google Pixel 6: Saturn coupon booklet reveals great offer for pre-orderers

Google Pixel 6: Saturn coupon booklet reveals great offer for pre-orderers

Google recently finally revealed when the new Pixel 6 smartphones will be presented. Saturn is already distributing the new coupon booklets and not only revealing the price of the Pixel 6, but also a pre-order campaign that is really tough.

Google Pixel 6: Buyers get Bose headphones for free

Update from October 15, 2021: Saturn has started to distribute the voucher booklets and the promotion mentioned below is actually already included, although the Pixel 6 will not be presented until the coming week . It is unclear whether you will also get Bose headphones for free when you buy the Pixel 6 Pro.

Original article:

Saturn will be launching a new voucher booklet on October 18, which will again contain many interesting offers. Surprisingly, the coupon booklet has already been photographed at mydealz and there you can actually see Google's Pixel 6 , which will actually only be presented on October 19th.

The highlight of the story is that Saturn on the one hand confirms the price of 649 euros and on the other hand reveals a big pre-order campaign. You get the Bose Headphones 700 for free, which are currently valued at 239 euros (look at Amazon). So effectively you only pay 410 euros for the new Google mobile phone . A real bang offer:

Saturn also reveals some specifications of the Pixel 6 :

6.4 inch display with FHD + resolution Dual camera with 50 and 12 MP on the back 8 MP on the front 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage Fingerprint sensor in the display Face recognition

Google has already shown the design of the Pixel 6 several times. This is no longer a big surprise. The pre-order campaign should not only be implemented at Saturn, as can be seen from the description. As with the Pixel 5, it will probably be possible for all pre-orderers to receive the Bose headphones. Since the pre-order campaign runs between October 19 and 27, the Pixel 6 should be available in stores from October 28 .

In the video you can see the Google Pixel 6 in action:

What about the Google Pixel 6 Pro?

Since the price of the Pixel 6 has been confirmed by Saturn at 649 euros, one can also assume that the larger Pixel 6 Pro will cost 899 euros. Presumably there will be the same pre-order offer here as well. But this has not yet been confirmed.


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