Google Pixel 6: New update guarantee puts competition in the shade

Google Pixel 6: New update guarantee puts competition in the shade

Google won't officially introduce the Pixel 6 for a few days, but a retailer has now really revealed all the details about the new smartphones. One detail was particularly noticeable. A brand new update guarantee that many users have wanted for a long time.

Google Pixel 6 with five years of Android updates

At the latest when Samsung announced that smartphones from the South Korean manufacturer would receive Android updates for four years, the ball was played to Google. How can it be that a third-party provider has Android updates ready for so long while the developer of exactly this operating system is sending functioning smartphones into early retirement after three years. This is exactly what changes with the Pixel 6 smartphones (source: Evleaks).

The dealer Carphone Warehouse took the product pages for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro online too early (now deleted) and really gave away everything there about the smartphones. We already knew a lot about it, only not about the Android update guarantee. But it comes and exactly as you wanted it to be in advance. There will be Android updates for five years . However, only security updates are mentioned. It is not known how things are going with system updates. So there could be another difference here, just like there is with Samsung.

However, this development is to be assessed very positively, because it also shows Google that good Android smartphones do not have to end up in the drawer after two or three years, but can continue to be used safely . This is an important sign for the entire market and will increase the pressure on other manufacturers. Samsung is already doing well, Xiaomi has already promised Android updates for individual models for four years. So something is happening.

In the video you can see what awaits you with the Pixel 6 from Google:

Google Pixel 6: Launching October 19th

In a few days we will receive all the details about the Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro and Android 12 from Google. Then it will show whether all the leaks about the two smartphones were really right.


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