Google picks up on LG: Pixel phones are better than washing machines

Google picks up on LG: Pixel phones are better than washing machines

Who makes the better smartphones - an internet giant or a washing machine manufacturer? Google is now answering these and other important questions in a tongue-in-cheek video on the Pixel series. Google can think of 113 reasons why their own cell phones are better.

Google: New video targets LG

"113 reasons why you should switch to the Google Pixel" is the title of a new video that the company has just published. The former competition from LG is pulled through the cocoa here several times, because the subtitle "... if the manufacturer of your old cell phone no longer makes cell phones" leaves little room for other interpretations. LG finally said goodbye to the smartphone market in April 2021.

Reason number 30 should also be seen as a direct attack against LG. Here, Google makes it clear that they are known for organizing the Internet and mapping the world - and not for washing machines (source: YouTube / Made by Google). It remains to be seen whether such an LG fan will be convinced by a pixel smartphone. But it's funny , especially since Samsung and even Xiaomi also offer their own washing machines.

In the video : This is how Google makes fun of LG.

However, the video that has now been released also raises a few questions. Curiously, many features of Android 11 are mentioned that cut a particularly good figure on pixel phones, but Android 12 is only mentioned briefly at the very end. The focus on the Pixel 5a also suggests that Google had the video in the drawer for a long time .

LG: Long fight ended unsuccessfully

When LG announced in April 2021 that it was withdrawing from the smartphone business, it was no longer a big surprise. Market shares had been at their lowest point for years and in the end one could no longer assert oneself against the strong competition from China .


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