Google Maps: New function brings you to your destination faster

Google Maps: New function brings you to your destination faster

Google Maps regularly gets new functions that make the navigation app better and better. Now Google has started to activate a feature for the first users, with which one should get to the goal faster.

Google Maps: New widgets get you there faster

Anyone who frequently uses Google Maps knows the process. You start the app, look for the destination you want to go to and start navigation. Recently, Google integrated a function that can save money, because it is not the fastest, but the most efficient route that is presented as an option. This time, Google has started to optimize the widgets for Android smartphones (source: AndroidCentral).

The new Google Maps widgets have already been activated on the server for the first users. This allows widgets to be placed on the start screen that directly start navigation with a specific destination. For example, you can go straight to your home address, work, a restaurant or the gas station .

The navigation will then start based on your location and the information that Google Maps has collected from you while you were using it. The detour via the manual search is no longer necessary. The widget looks like this:

Unfortunately, the new widgets are not yet active on my Pixel 5 with the latest Android 12 beta and the current Google Maps version. Since Google is activating the function bit by bit on the server side , it should also take some time until all users are supplied. Just check the widgets every now and then to see if something is happening. Incidentally, the function is not completely new. Google first made them available to iPhone users.

In the video we reveal useful tips for Google Maps:

Google Maps: Navigation against data only

If you want to use the navigation with Google Maps, you have to pay for it with personal data. The new transparency from Google shows the consequences of refusing to analyze personal data. If you do not share this with Google, you can no longer use navigation.


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