Google apps on the iPhone: surprising U-turn announced

Google apps on the iPhone: surprising U-turn announced

Google has long been criticized for the fact that its own apps on iPhones and iPads are not designed to be platform-specific. But this should now come to an end, because the material look of YouTube, Chrome, Google Maps and other apps will no longer be continued. Apps should finally appear more natural.

Google apps on iPhones: UIKit instead of Material Design

Google is about to make a big change when it comes to the design of its own apps. So far, material design has been relied on with its own control elements. These sometimes seem out of place on iPhones and iPads and ensure that the apps feel strange or look completely different from other iOS apps. Now Google has officially announced that Apple's UIKit will be used in the future.

It's a real U-turn that many iPhone and iPad users will benefit from . So far, Google had always tried to enforce a uniform design of the user interfaces - regardless of which platform the apps are running on. Apple's UIKit was also described by Google as "incomplete" in the past. So far, Google preferred to fix alleged errors in the design language itself.

This attempt failed : "While we continued to strive for cross-platform parity, our iOS components slowly moved further and further away from the basics of the Apple platform," writes Google's Jeff Verkoeyen on Twitter.

With Android 12, too, Google is saying goodbye to material design, as the video shows:

iPhone apps from Google: New design gradually

A sudden change is not to be expected. Instead, Google envisions a gradual change over time. An exact period was not communicated. Nevertheless, "Google's best design language" should continue to be used in iOS apps. You want to set yourself apart from the design of the competition "where it matters" (source: Jeff Verkoeyen).


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