Galaxy S22 Ultra: Samsung wants to break its own record

Galaxy S22 Ultra: Samsung wants to break its own record

The display of the Galaxy S22 Ultra from Samsung should shine brighter than all previous smartphones of the group. There is even talk of a new record. Even in a lot of sun, the OLED screen should not show any weakness.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Display becomes record breaking

The Ultra version of the Galaxy S22 is Samsung's upcoming top cell phone. So it's no wonder that peak values ​​are thrown around in advance. New reports should now show that no compromises are made, especially with the display . As a leaker would like to know, the screen of the next Samsung flagship is extremely bright (source: Ice Universe).

No other mobile phone from the manufacturer should be so bright and therefore easy to read even in a lot of sunlight. However, the new record for OLED screens from Samsung has not yet been specified in concrete figures. Earlier speculations indicate a maximum brightness value of around 1,800 nits. We will only find out in the next few months whether this value will actually come true. For comparison: The maximum brightness of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is 1,500 nits, which is also very worth seeing.

In the video : That's what we think of the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra.

The production of the display is again taken over by Samsung itself. Many other manufacturers also rely on OLED screens from Samsung, but the South Korean company prefers to keep the best product for itself. This should also be the case with the Galaxy S22 series.

Galaxy S22 Ultra: Curved display with 6.8 inches?

According to rumors, the display of the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be rounded on the sides and have a diagonal of 6.8 inches . The standard and plus versions could be a bit smaller compared to their predecessors. A refresh rate of 120 Hertz can again be assumed for all models.


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