Galaxy A73: Samsung is breaking new ground with this smartphone

Galaxy A73: Samsung is breaking new ground with this smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy A73 will probably have a premiere: For the first time, the company will not rely on its own production. Instead, the OLED display is to be bought in China. This could result in a lower price for customers.

Galaxy A73: OLED display comes from China

Samsung is not only the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, but is also known for its own displays. That's why the screens from the Samsung Display department are used in cell phones - at least until now. With the Galaxy A73, Samsung would like to take a different path for the first time and buy the OLED panel in China . BOE or CSOT are available as candidates, it is said (source: The Elec). Previously, displays from external suppliers were only available for the inexpensive M series.

The Galaxy A73 is a mid-range phone. In this area in particular, the price is the decisive criterion for many interested parties. Since the competition here has not got any smaller lately, Samsung has to join the price war. For customers, this could, in the best case, mean that a cheap Galaxy A73 is in the starting blocks.

Samsung was able to convince with the Galaxy A52, as can be seen in the video .

Samsung already made a very good impression with the Galaxy A72, which was released in March 2021. We liked the respectable performance and battery life, a microSD slot and the 90 Hertz display. A faster processor and perhaps a 108 MP camera can be assumed for the Galaxy A73.

Samsung Galaxy A73: Presentation in spring 2022

The Galaxy A73 is not expected in the near future. Although Samsung will certainly show new cell phones in the second part of the "Galaxy Unpacked" event that is now taking place, the Galaxy A73 is likely to come onto the market later. A presentation in March 2022 can currently be assumed.


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