Free instead of 5.49 euros: This iPhone app is indispensable for globetrotters

Free instead of 5.49 euros: This iPhone app is indispensable for globetrotters

If you go on a trip, you can not only tell a lot, you should also prepare yourself beforehand for the special characteristics of the respective states and countries. This also includes knowledge of the correct power plug and the need for possible adapters. An iPhone app is extremely indispensable - otherwise it costs 5.49 euros, but is currently free for a short time.

The name says it all, because the iPhone app "Plugs of the World" reveals all the relevant information on plugs, sockets and mains voltages for over 200 countries and regions around the world.

iPhone app for travelers: Currently still free

Of course, there is not only the designation, but also clear drawings complete the useful information. There is also a search function and the option to save your own favorite destinations as favorites. If you want, you can also conveniently send the images to friends by e-mail and, if the worst comes to the worst, you can be there as a "savior in need". Ergo: If you are traveling, you should take a look at the app beforehand to find out which adapters may be necessary. Otherwise you will be stupid abroad and not even be able to charge your iPhone.

Usually the app costs a hefty 5.49 euros. They are currently available for free in Apple's App Store. The system requirements are very modest, because an iPhone or iPad with iOS 9 is sufficient. The app also works on the Apple TV. With a little more than 18 MB, the storage space requirement is not worth mentioning.

Speaking of apps, these applications in the video belong on every smartphone:

How useful is the app?

So is it worth downloading the app? There are currently 4.5 stars out of a maximum of 5 in Apple's App Store. The users are therefore satisfied. Among other things, the convenient type of use is emphasized, quote from a reviewer:

"Easy to use, easy to understand. You could certainly find out on the Internet without an app, but it's easier and much faster that way. "

Only the exaggerated price of 5.49 euros would be worthy of criticism. But we don't currently have to pay it, because it's free for a short time . So there is a download recommendation. But first check the price again, as it is unfortunately not known how long the promotion will run.


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