Five essential themes to install on your Xiaomi

The week couldn't start without our usual topic recommendation . Surely you remember our previous article on the five topics so that your Xiaomi does not look like a Xiaomi . However, today we wanted to bring the focus to the multiple styles that MIUI has to offer.

Below we have compiled a total of five essential themes to install on your Xiaomi and that you cannot miss. Of course, remember that some of these themes may need a change of region for their correct installation . As always, at the end of the list we will explain step by step how to change region successfully.

1. PokemonX | Download

Pokémon is one of the biggest franchises of our childhood. Even today there are millions of people who follow this fantastic world that we knew years ago. If you are a staunch fan, then PokemoX is the ideal theme for you.

PokemonX Theme

Custom wallpapers with pokemon images , a brand new control center, redesigned app icons, and a lock screen that brings out the pokemon trainer in you . If you like it, download PokemonX on any Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO device with MIUI 12 onwards.

2. P-UI_12.5 | Download

Topic P-UI_12.5

Next on the list is P-UI_12.5 , an extremely colorful, spiral-themed theme to give your device a lively and dynamic touch . This customization pack includes slightly modified application icons, also a lock screen with a more neutral background, but with a more elegant aesthetic .

Of course, one of its main attractions is that you can customize the lock screen for at least four different variants . The clock and weather widgets also feature a fresh design. If you like it, download P-UI_12-5 on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO running MIUI 12 onwards.

3. My X | Download

Those looking for a theme that expresses serenity, comfort, relaxation, freshness, then Mi X is the theme they need. Its changes are subtle, not very conspicuous; but its finishes show quite a neat aesthetic , in addition to offering a gradient design at the head of the settings menu.

Theme My X

The Mi X theme also features a loading animation on the lock screen , plus a music player widget that resembles a turntable of yesteryear. If it catches your eye, try it on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO device with MIUI 12 onwards.

4. Colorful Style | Download

The next theme is endowed with unconventional application icons , a loading animation on the lock screen, minimalist widgets, and a wallpaper that brings much more life to the mobile with its bright colors. We are talking about the Colorful Style theme.

Colorful Style Theme

Colorful Style can be considered a minimalist theme, since its changes are not so drastic compared to others . However, both the control center and the numeric keypad are decked out in bright colors , which is ideal for anyone with an artistic vibe. If you want more color in your life, download it to your mobile with MIUI 12 onwards.

5. DARK only | Download

Lastly, we bring you Solo DARK, a theme that offers radical changes, a dark aspect; ideal for computers with AMOLED displays , and multiple unique, customizable lock screens. A completely new and different experience that you should definitely try.

DARK Solo Theme

Its dark appearance contrasts with the colorful application icons it brings, which also present a much more minimalist look compared to the default MIUI icons.

In addition, the theme widgets also get a more sober design, with straight and modern finishes . If it catches your attention, download it to your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobile that runs MIUI 12 onwards.

So you can change region like a professional

For some users, changing regions may sound like a serious and irreversible adjustment. However, they should know that this is not the case. The process is extremely fast, it does not represent any risk for the device, and you can return to your original region once you have applied the theme of your choice.

In fact, you just have to go to Settings> Additional settings> Region and select a different location than yours; for example, India . After completing this step, open the link of the theme you like the most with the MIUI Themes application . In this way you can download, install and apply the theme on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO.

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