First Huawei, now Honor: smartphone manufacturer lands on US hit list

First Huawei, now Honor: smartphone manufacturer lands on US hit list

The US ban brought Huawei to its knees. The Chinese company can basically no longer build modern smartphones. The sales figures have slipped into the basement. The same fate now threatens the former subsidiary Honor. However, the US government is not yet fully resolved.

After Huawei: Honor threatens US ban

Because of the US ban, Huawei spun off and sold Honor. For some time now, the former subsidiary of Huawei has been working completely independently and supposedly no longer has anything to do with Huawei. This is to ensure that Honor will be equipped with US technologies again in future smartphones and can also access Google services and apps. According to the Washington Post (via The Verge) , a thunderstorm is brewing .

Parts of the US government want to blacklist Honor quickly so that the company cannot develop completely. However, not all MPs want to support this approach. It is very undecided whether Honor is also on the blacklist. US President Joe Biden is sticking to Donald Trump's anti-Huawei policies, but recently said that he does not want the situation to escalate any further.

The reason given for the US ban is the security of the US population. To date, however , no evidence has been presented as to why Huawei would be a threat. Honor is even less because, unlike Huawei, Honor does not develop any technology for infrastructure, but is only active in the end customer business - similar to Xiaomi. The Chinese company is also not active in the USA. A US ban on Honor would only have one-sided disadvantages.

The latest Honor smartphone in the video :

Honor achieved great success

It was recently proven that Honor has what it takes to become a major smartphone manufacturer. Out of nowhere, the Chinese company took third place behind Oppo and Vivo, overtaking Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi in China. So people want another Chinese smartphone manufacturer that drives innovation and, in the end, is good for the market. The decision on a possible US ban should be made in the coming weeks.


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