Facebook with a new name: what s behind the plans

Facebook with a new name: what s behind the plans

Facebook should no longer be called Facebook, the new name could already be announced next week. However, it is not the name of the social media platform that should change, but that of the group in the background. A realignment is also expected under a new name.

Facebook before name change: will we soon know the new one?

Mark Zuckerberg turns Facebook into something new. Instead of continuing the tech group and social media platform under the same title, the company is to be given a new name behind WhatsApp, Instagram and the Facebook platform (source: The Verge). What will become of Facebook is still unknown.

What is certain: Zuckerberg's group has long since outgrown Facebook : With WhatsApp and Instagram, the business area has been expanded to include additional software products in recent years. The company has taken a (first) step into the virtual reality market under the name Oculus, and its own crypto currency Diem (previously Libra) is also in preparation.

Facebook is no longer just a social platform. In this respect, the renaming, which CEO Mark Zuckerberg is supposed to address at the Connect conference on October 28th, would be only logical. Facebook has not officially commented on The Verge's report, the information is said to come from an internal source.

With a few simple tips and tricks - seen in the video - you can whip up your Facebook account:

The renaming is also understood as an attempt to remove new and future branches of business from the currently negative proximity to Facebook. The uncertainties about the data exchange between Facebook and WhatsApp, the potentially harmful effects of Instagram, and finally the hours of downtime of all services - all of this has so far been directly related to the name Facebook. This has brought the group uncomfortable attention.

In addition, the company Facebook in its current form is under close supervision by US authorities. Not for the first time, the cartel watchdogs are calling for the group to be broken up. A simple renaming is not enough.

Facebook, Google, Apple: new names are not uncommon

Facebook is not alone in the process. Many companies, especially those in the tech sector, are backed by corporations that are far less known than their products. For example, the current umbrella company Alphabet emerged from Google as the business grew more and more extensive.


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