{Disarmed} ZMI reaches one million units sold in its wireless headphones, thus confirming its unstoppable growth

ZMI reaches one million units sold in its wireless headphones, thus confirming its unstoppable growth

Just a few months ago, Xiaomi acquired 50.09% of the shares of Zimi for a value of 173 million euros , a company that continues to promise a lot in the world of charging products and wireless headphones. Luckily, time has proved the Asian firm right, and that is because ZMI has just announced that its TWS-type headphones have just reached figures of one million units sold worldwide , thus confirming its unstoppable growth. .

In fact, it has been the R & D team of ZMI TWS Earphones itself that has thanked users for all the support and trust placed in their firm , ensuring that they will launch new products from now on to offer new improved alternatives to what that they already offer today in the world market.

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ZMI, Xiaomi's great hope in the world of TWS headphones

At the level of figures, you may not be surprised by this million units sold by ZMI, but we must bear in mind that it is a fairly young company that launched its first TWS-type wireless headphones just a year ago. These were called ZMI Purpods and Purpods Pro and were priced at 199 yuan and 399 yuan, about 26 and 53 euros respectively, and they came to offer very good specifications with a really contained price.

Zmi Tws 1 Million Sale

In fact, the Purpods Pro have some features that we can see in higher segment products , such as their noise cancellation of up to 35dB, wireless charging and even an ergonomic design that reminds us a lot of what Apple presented us with its Airpods Pro although, yes, costing practically a fifth of the latter.

But not everything stops here, since this company was also a key element for Xiaomi when developing its famous Redmi AirDots 3 Pro , headphones that are causing tremendous success for the company thanks to its complete specification sheet with a really competitive price, so the acquisition of this company has also helped to improve Xiaomi's own products.

Xiaomi acquires 100% of Zimi (ZMI), one of the main manufacturers of portable batteries
In Xiaomi World
Xiaomi acquires 100% of Zimi (ZMI), one of the main manufacturers of portable batteries

Therefore, it seems that ZMI is still on the right track in terms of sales level and, without a doubt, it has been a great acquisition by Xiaomi in order to improve its products in the world of audio and music. charging systems , so we hope to see many more products from this company that are giving such good results.

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The news ZMI reaches one million units sold in its wireless headphones thus confirming its unstoppable growth was originally published in Xiaomi World by Daniel Vega .


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