{Disarmed} Xiaomi: This is how you get Android updates faster

Xiaomi Mi Note 10

For many users, it is now very important to be regularly supplied with updates by the manufacturer. And if possible, then please for more than just 1 year. Another important aspect is that these updates arrive on the smartphones promptly, not months later. With Xiaomi smartphones there is a trick to get Android updates faster.

If you own a Xiaomi smartphone and are tired of waiting so long for new updates, GIGA has an interesting "life hack" for you. As is well known, Xiaomi is very well represented in India and rolls out new updates there very quickly. The advantage here is that the same models are sold there as in this country.

When you set up your smartphone, you certainly set the region to "Germany" - and this sometimes makes you wait a long time for a new update. How about if you just select "India" as the region instead? Simply go to "Settings -> Additional Settings -> Region".

If you then go to update in the settings, there should probably be an update that would not have been displayed to you before with Germany as the location. Then simply download the update and in the meantime set the region to "Germany" again. Because after the update you will not see any annoying advertisements on your smartphone.


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