{Disarmed} The Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro is now official: complete redesign, AMOLED panel and a clear focus on sports

The Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro is now official: complete redesign, AMOLED panel and a clear focus on sports

Xiaomi has just presented in China its new Redmi Smart Band Pro , a smart bracelet that comes to renew the popular Redmi Band that we saw appear just over a year ago, which ended up reaching the global market under the name of Xiaomi Mi Band. 4c .

In this Pro variant we see how Xiaomi has opted for a complete redesign of the product , presenting a very similar appearance to other alternatives such as the Honor Band 6 but maintaining other interesting functions for those users who are looking for a simple and functional body health meter.

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Data sheet of the Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro



AMOLED 1.47 inches
450 nits of brightness
194 × 368 pixels


N / A


Heart rate
Blood oxygen




Up to 14 days of typical use




iOS and Android


110 sports
Automatic recognition of up to three activities
Strava and Apple Health compatibility


N / A

A clear inspiration in the success of Huawei's Smart Bands

Prior to the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 , many rumors pointed to a redesign of this bracelet very much in the style of what Huawei had previously presented to us with its Honor Band 6 and Huawei Band 6 but, finally, it did not materialize.

Redmi Smartband Pro 2

And for this the Redmi Smart Band Pro has arrived, a smart bracelet that stands out for having a completely renewed design with respect to its original version and with respect to other products of the company, presenting a larger panel in rectangular format thanks to which we will be able to visualize the content in a much clearer way.

This panel has AMOLED technology with a size of 1.47 inches and is much better taken advantage of the edge compared to what we saw in the Redmi Band , presenting a more rounded and refined appearance that will make its use and comfort more pleasant in the day to day, in addition to a brightness of 450 nits with which we can visualize it in any situation.

Redmi Smartband Pro 3

Of course, on the back we find the classic heart rate and blood oxygen sensors, as well as two magnetic pins for recharging the battery for up to 14 days of use of the device and some straps that are still interchangeable silicone. through a proprietary system.

Other notable details of the new Redmi Smart Band Pro are its resistance of up to 5 ATM to be able to submerge it without problems, compatibility for Android and iOS , monitoring of steps, calories, sleep and even up to 110 different sports activities, etc.

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In addition to these sports activities, this Smart Band is capable of automatically recognizing up to three sports modes such as running outdoors, walking outdoors and treadmill. And as if that weren't enough, the bracelet is also fully compatible for Strava syncing and Apple Health for automatic syncing. *

Price and availability of the Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band Pro

Redmi Smartband Pro 1

The new Redmi Smart Band Pro has been presented in China although, at least for the moment, we do not have a confirmed price from the company, since it has simply been presented without further ado.

Another detail that is unknown is whether or not it will finally reach the global market, although everything seems to indicate that it does, as some rumors suggest. We'll see if this ends up becoming a reality or not over the next few weeks.

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