{Disarmed} The Xiaomi 12 could have a totally different look

Recently, some images about a new Xiaomi patent have appeared on the Internet, which show a device with a totally different style from what the Chinese house is already accustomed to. In fact, it will most likely be the new top of the range from Lei Jun's company, the Mi 12 .


Xiaomi Mi 12 Is it really a new high-end Xiaomi?

We are talking about a possibility; since, for sure, we cannot guarantee that this new and mysterious smartphone is, in fact, the Xiaomi Mi 12 . It could just be some of the prototype designs the company is working on.

Beyond that, it does provide an interesting look at what the future could hold for Xiaomi devices ; specifically, in regards to its design.

This video has also been extracted, in which we can see the design on all sides of what would be the future Xiaomi Mi 12.

Xiaomi Mi 12 What are its main features?

This mysterious device has a large screen , very small bezels and rounded edges . In its upper part on the left side, we find a kind of hole that is not exactly known what it contains, although a new selfie camera is suspected. It is not known if they implemented the selfie camera system hidden under the panel, as they have already done with the Xiaomi Mix 4 , the other high-end of the brand.

On the back, we find a vertical photography module, right in the central part of the body ; and as you can see, the main sensor is larger than the other two (yes, we are talking about a device with a triple camera , something already common in our days); as well as a periscope zoom lens .


Regarding technical characteristics, nothing has been leaked yet, although as usual the Mi 12 will bring us the best components of the moment .

  • Snapdragon 888+ processor or higher, UFS 3.1+ memories, 120W fast charges, wireless charging, Wi-Fi 6.


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