{Disarmed} Windows 11: The first update is here [KB5006674]

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Windows 11 is only a week old, but the first round of fixes has already been made. And why so fast? Because today is Patch Tuesday. Every second Tuesday of the month, all supported Microsoft products receive an update, including Windows 11.

This is the first update Windows 11 received. The list of bug fixes is relatively short, so there are likely some changes under the hood that aren't listed in the changelog. The update is called KB5006674 and raises the build number to version 22000.258.

  • Fixes known compatibility problems between some Intel "Killer" and "SmartByte" network software and Windows 11 (original version). Devices with the affected software can discard UDP (User Datagram Protocol) packets under certain conditions. This leads to performance and other problems with protocols based on UDP. For example, some websites may load more slowly than others on the affected devices, which can cause videos to stream more slowly in certain resolutions. VPN solutions based on UDP can also be slower.

Microsoft states that there are no known issues with the update, but that doesn't mean there aren't any known issues in Windows 11. The company maintains a separate list of known issues here, and only one of those three has been addressed in this update.


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