{Disarmed} WhatsApp adds the ability to join an ongoing call by surprise

WhatsApp adds the ability to join an ongoing call by surprise

Sneaking into group WhatsApp calls will be possible very soon . The company is already working on the possibility for users to join an ongoing call without even asking for permission.

What's new in WhatsApp group calls

Even though this is a function that came to light last July , WhatsApp wants to make it much more complete, allowing the user to know from the first moment the app enters which group calls are in progress and can join right now through the section "calls".

To join, the app integrates a button located at the top right in which "Join" is displayed within the chat, the same location where the button to make both calls and video calls are currently found.

Group calls

Of course, in this version it is not possible to know which members of the group are in the video call, but you must enter on purpose to be able to find out.

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Sound is another of the small changes that this new version brings with it, where they have focused on the sound that the smartphone makes when you receive a call from a group call.

This new functionality will gradually reach the rest of the users , turning these calls into an increasingly complete service.

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