{Disarmed} US politicians urge President Biden to blacklist Honor

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A group of American politicians want the current government to extend restrictions on Huawei to include Honor, Reuters reports. Chinese company Huawei was blacklisted by then President Donald Trump in 2019 on the grounds that it posed a national security threat. This denied Huawei access to American technology, including modern 5G chips and software and apps from Google.

In November last year , Huawei sold Honor to free the subsidiary brand from the restrictions imposed on it by the United States. Honor was aimed at young, price-conscious consumers and was quite popular in Europe until then.

It seems that Huawei made the right decision, as companies that had severed their relationship with Huawei and, consequently, with its subsidiary Honor, have now re-established relationships with Honor. These include companies like Qualcomm, Google, Microsoft, AMD, Intel, MediaTek, Samsung, and Sony.

Honor claims to be in the process of quickly regaining lost market share. The company is now majority owned by a consortium supported by the Chinese government. George Zhao, who was Huawei's president, is now the company's managing director, and other Huawei engineers and executives have also reportedly joined the company.

However, Republican senators believe Honor also poses a threat to national security and have urged the Biden administration to blacklist the company.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio wrote a letter Thursday describing Honor as an arm of the Chinese government that now has unhindered access to vital US technology.

This matter has been brewing for some time. In August , a group of Republican Congressmen, led by Michael McCaul , urged the Commerce Department to blacklist Honor. They claimed Huawei sold the company in order to gain access to chips and software it is not allowed to legally buy.

In September, key security agencies were divided on the matter. Apparently, the Pentagon and the Department of Energy are in favor of Blacklisting Honor, but the Department of Commerce and State Department do not. It is reported that the matter is currently in the hands of the political representatives of the four agencies and should a stalemate arise it will be referred to the cabinet. Should there also be a stalemate there, President Biden would make the decision.

US companies would also be affected by the decision. Before Huawei was added to the entity list, the company was one of the leading smartphone brands in the world, and many of its suppliers were based in the United States. Many of them lost sales due to the ban and called on the Trump administration to relax the rules.

The US is primarily viewing Huawei's network equipment, rather than its smartphones, as a security threat. However, according to this logic, Honor doesn't really appear to be a threat.


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