{Disarmed} This video of the Xiaomi Mix Fold is going to be the most impressive you see today

Sparrows News brings us a spectacular video that will probably turn out to be the best you have seen today. Almost 1,000 pieces of the Xiaomi Mix Fold disassembled and placed with great care to create a spectacular model.

Using the internal components of the Xiaomi Mix Fold, Xiaomi's first folding, a Chinese user has managed to recreate parts of the Parthenon of the Acropolis of Athens or even the Hangsho Bay Bridge u.

As is the video that you can see below, a most curious disassembly, which not only lets us see each of the elements that make up the interior of the Xiaomi Mix Fold, but also the precision and creativity that the device can have. to be human .

As we said, making use of the hardware elements of Xiaomi's first folding, it has been possible to represent the Parthenon , as well as the Hangshou Bay Bridge , one of the longest ocean bridges in the world.

Este vídeo va a ser el más impresionante de un Xiaomi que verás hoy. Noticias Xiaomi A
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In addition, the famous district of Shanghai has also been recreated , where we can find the television tower or even the occasional skyscraper. A result worthy of admiration and enjoyment, especially for those in love with hardware.

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