{Disarmed} These 64 Android apps, games, icon packs & live wallpapers are available for free today

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In the Google Play Store today you can again dust off a whole range of apps, icon packs and wallpapers for free. There should definitely be something for you.

The apps are those that are temporarily free, i.e. those that otherwise cost something and that have a rating of at least 3 stars in the store. Most of the time you see such free offers much too late, as Google does not even offer an overview of discounted or temporarily free apps in the Play Store.

Android apps

Mini Wheels Pro: Cadastro de Miniaturas (Free, Google Play) →

Temperature Converter Pro (Free, Google Play) →

80s Music Radio Pro (Free, Google Play) →

90s Music Radio Pro (Free, Google Play) →

Stark Suspension by Virtual Trainer (To be announced, Google Play) →

Website Shortcut Maker - URL Shortcut Maker (Free, Google Play) →

Cherokee Syllabary (Free, Google Play) →

Pro Music Player - Mp3 Player - Qamp (Free, Google Play) →

Spanish Verb Blitz Pro (Free, Google Play) →

Navigator PRO (Free, Google Play) →

QR / Barcode Scanner PRO (Free, Google Play) →

Trueshot Swing Tempo (Free, Google Play) →

Android Games

DungeonMon! (Free + , Google Play) →

Potato Thriller (Free, Google Play) →

Defense Warrior Premium: Castle Battle Offline (Free + , Google Play) →

Las Aventuras del Gato Becker (Free, Google Play) →

Spiik - Play with friends and family! (Free, Google Play) →

Dragon Raid (Hardcore - idle rpg) (To be announced, Google Play) →

DEAD EYES (To be Announced, Google Play) →

Assassin Lord: Idle RPG (BUFF) (Free + , Google Play) →

Fathomless (Free, Google Play) →

WhamBam Warriors VIP - Puzzle RPG (To be announced, Google Play) →

Final Castle Defense: Idle RPG (Free + , Google Play) →

Infinite Launch (Free, Google Play) →

Peppa is having a party (Free, Google Play) →

[VIP] Missile Dude RPG: Tap Tap Missile (Free + , Google Play) →

The House: Action-horror (Free, Google Play) →

Infinity Dungeon! (Free + , Google Play) →

FASTAR VIP - Shooting Star Rhythm Game (Free + , Google Play) →

Tap Town Premium (idle RPG) - Magic (To be announced, Google Play) →

Cartoon Craft (Free + , Google Play) →

World Of Chess 3D (Free, Google Play) →

Gun war! (Free + , Google Play) →

BattleTime: Ultimate (Free + , Google Play) →

BattleTime 2: Ultimate (Free + , Google Play) →

Superhero Fruit 2 Premium (Free + , Google Play) →

Crazy Halloween Puzzle (Free, Google Play) →

[VIP] Missile Dude RPG: Tap Tap Missile (Free + , Google Play) →

Data Defense (Free, Google Play) →

Superhero Armor Premium (Free + , Google Play) →

Dungeons and Pixel Heroes (Dungeon & PixelHero) VIP (Free + , Google Play) →

Cyber ​​Fighters: Legends of Stickman League RPG (Free + , Google Play) →

TouchTouchPangPang (Free, Google Play) →

Tales of the Black Death 2 (Free, Google Play) →

Icon packs

Kaorin icon pack (Free + , Google Play) →

Annabelle ui icon pack (Free + , Google Play) →

Goody Icon pack (Free + , Google Play) →

Light Blue - Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Arthur Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Dinadan Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Elyan Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Galaad Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Ginevra Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Lancelot Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Merlin Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Morgana Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Perceval Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

The Round Table Icon Pack (Free, Google Play) →

Live wallpaper

Planets Live Wallpaper Plus (Free, Google Play) →

Prism Live Wallpaper (Free, Google Play) →

3D Parallax Live Wallpaper - 4K Backgrounds (Free + , Google Play) →

BLW Great Live Wallpapers (Free + , Google Play) →

WallApp - Wallpaper Manager (Free + , Google Play) →

Hex AMOLED Neon Live Wallpaper 2021 (Free + , Google Play) →

Such a temporarily free app also has an advantage for you later. Because if you dust off the apps for lukewarm and install them, they will be permanently saved in your account. If you have to pay for the app again later, you can still download and use it again for free.


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