{Disarmed} Surprise: Windows 11 is here

Windows 11 logo

Months ago, Microsoft officially announced that the latest version of Windows would hit the market on October 5, 2021. Today is October 5th - but surprisingly, Microsoft released Windows 11 for download yesterday evening.

The latest Windows version is now available to everyone one day earlier than expected. If you have a newer Windows 10 PC, you can check whether Windows 11 is waiting for you as an update in Windows Update. Otherwise, you can perform the upgrade manually using the installation wizard.

But you'd better take your time. A number of errors will probably appear in the first few weeks, which Microsoft can then fix with an update. Personally, I would wait until the end of the year with an installation, then Windows 11 should be stable and hardly have any errors.

But if you still can't wait, you can download the corresponding Windows 11 ISO on the Windows 11 Download page, depending on which Windows version you are using, it will then be automatically recognized during installation. You can also create a bootable Windows 11 installation medium for repeated installations there.

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