{Disarmed} Sony Xperia Pro-I officially presented

Sony Xperia Pro-I

Today Sony officially introduced the new Xperia Pro-I. It is the manufacturer's first smartphone with a 1-inch sensor. The model is fully designed for photography and video, and it has already received its first nickname: the camera.

The Sony Xperia Pro-I is not a direct successor to the original Xperia Pro that was introduced earlier this year. Instead of an HDMI output that few people appreciated, the Xperia Pro-I has a 1-inch primary camera sensor that dominates the back of the phone. It is located behind a 24 mm lens that can take pictures at f / 2.0 and f / 4.0.

Sony advertises a number of advantages that such a large sensor brings with it. Less noise in poor lighting conditions, more bokeh, an autofocus that covers "90% of the image" and a suppressed rolling shutter effect when photographing moving objects. As for videos, the Sony Xperia Pro-I can take 4K recordings at 120 frames per second and HDR and has optical image stabilization. There is also a vlogger mode that offers object tracking at up to 120 frames per second in 4K and intelligent eye focus in video mode.

Sony Xperia Pro-I
Source: Sony

In addition to the primary sensor, Sony equips the Xperia Pro-I with two additional sensors. A 12 MP 1 / 2.9-inch sensor sits behind a 50mm f / 2.4 lens for portraits, while another 12 MP 1 / 2.5-inch sensor with a 16mm f / 2.2 lens is used for ultra-wide-angle shots . An 8 MP selfie camera is located in the upper frame on the front.

Technical specifications of the Sony Xperia Pro-I

The Sony Xperia Pro-I is essentially based on the Xperia 1 III in terms of technical data. It uses Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888 SoC as its base with 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of UFS storage. There are also dual SIM slots with a shared microSD card slot and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

The well-known 6.5 ″ 4K OLED display with a resolution of 3,840 x 1,644 is located on the front. In addition to the refresh rate of 120 Hz, it has a touch sampling rate of 240 Hz and offers 100% of the DCI-P3 color space. All of this is powered by a 4,500 mAh battery that is charged with 30 watts via USB-C.

Additional amenities include Bluetooth 5.2 support, a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, NFC, a special camera release button, a fastening loop for the camera strap and Gorilla Glass Victus on the display. "Full-fledged stereo speakers" and support for Sony's 360 Reality Audio format are also available.

Sony Xperia Pro-I
Source: Sony

Sony Xperia Pro-I pricing and availability

While Sony's previous pro smartphone contained important features that only a tiny segment of the population would use, its real problem was its price. At 2,500 euros it was far too expensive to establish itself on the market. This time around, Sony has apparently learned from its mistakes.

The Sony Xperia Pro-I is much more affordable, if still expensive. It will be available for EUR 1,799.00. Pre-orders will start on October 28th, with delivery scheduled for December.

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