{Disarmed} Six exclusive Xiaomi functions that other smartphones envy

Six exclusive Xiaomi functions that other smartphones envy

Those of us who use Xiaomi phones know it. MIUI hides among its discreet appearance a number of exclusive functions that we cannot find in other layers of customization or even in the Android system itself, and it is something that users who enjoy these phones place a lot of value on.

Therefore, in this post we are going to show you which are some of these functions that we like the most and we encourage you to leave in the comments which are your favorites so that, together, we can learn new capabilities that our phones have and that even we were not aware of it at the time.

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Clean the speaker thanks to this MIUI setting

Xiaomi speaker

And we start this little compilation with a really useful trick to be able to eliminate all the dirt that accumulates on the speaker of your phone. This function consists in that the system emits a sharp frequency that makes the speakers themselves vibrate and, in order to maximize their effectiveness, we recommend that you adjust the sound of your phone to the maximum.

Of course, you must bear in mind that this is not a miraculous trick that will remove all the dirt from your speakers but, calm down, since from xiaomist you already have a fairly complete tutorial on how you can do it in detail to leave them as new. .

To be able to access this function within the MIUI menu, you will have to follow these steps:

Clean Xiaomi Speaker
  • Open the settings on your Xiaomi device
  • Select the option "Clean speaker"
  • Activate the function and turn up the volume to the maximum of your device
How to clean the speakers of your Xiaomi phone to make them like new
In xiaomist
How to clean the speakers of your Xiaomi phone to make them like new

Supermoon mode

Another of the exclusive MIUI functions that we love is the one known as "Supermoon" mode . With it we can get striking photographs of the moon, adding to these different filters to achieve striking effects even doing freehand photography, although the use of a tripod is always highly recommended for a result that is as professional as possible.

To be able to activate this mode we will have to access the settings that we find in the native MIUI application with which our device arrives, and we must bear in mind that not all the company's models are compatible with this function , so perhaps not You will find it in the route that we comment on below:

Super moon
  • Access the camera application of your Xiaomi device
  • Select the "More" section of the mode selector and click on "Supermoon"
  • Once inside the mode, we can select different effects such as silhouettes or even text that we can easily add to our captures of the moon

Dual apps

Of course, one of the star features that has accompanied MIUI for several years now is the possibility of using duplicate applications . Many other layers of customization have already added these types of functions to their software, but Xiaomi's was one of the first to be able to enjoy it.

This tool consists of, for example, being able to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone without the need to install third-party applications , something really useful for devices with dual SIM or for people who need to have their leisure account on the same device and your work account.

In order to activate and configure the dual applications, you must follow these steps:

Dual Tuto App
  • Access the settings of your Xiaomi phone
  • Select the "Applications" section
  • Enter "Dual Applications" and select the "Create" option
  • Then choose the applications you want to clone. WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook appear in the top positions, among others
  • Select for example WhatsApp and activate the option "Dual applications"
  • Finally, you must grant the permissions and it will begin to clone. This process will take just a few seconds

Expand your phone's RAM memory via software

One of the latest features to arrive is the long-awaited expansion of RAM memory via software that Xiaomi has begun to implement in its phones. It is true that, at least for the moment, there are not many devices in which we can find this option , but as the MIUI development team finalizes its implementation, we will have an update that will allow our terminal to receive it.

Thanks to this, devices such as the Xiaomi Mi 11 will be able to expand their RAM memory by up to 3 GB, reaching a total of 11 GB , a more than reasonable amount to be able to manage all the tasks that we carry out in our day-to-day with the computer.

In order to activate this function, we will only have to follow these steps:

Expand Ram
  • Access the settings of your Xiaomi phone
  • Scroll down and select the option "Additional settings"
  • Once inside, click on the "Memory extension" section
  • Simply activate the option if the system allows it, if that is not the case, leave the internal storage of the phone free until it allows it.
How to uninstall updates from any MIUI application if it does not work properly
In xiaomist
How to uninstall updates from any MIUI application if it does not work properly

Download videos and photos from social networks thanks to the My Browser

One of our favorite functions and that are certainly not excessively known and widespread is to be able to download content from social networks through the Mi Browser that is installed by default on our Xiaomi equipment.

Its operation is very simple, we will simply have to activate it from the settings of the native browser application and a small blue icon will appear next to the content to be able to download it easily. In addition, something very interesting is that the application will also give us the possibility of adding a URL link to access the downloadable content even when we are not even registered in the social network itself.

In order to activate this function we will have to do it in the following way:

Download Video Social Networks
  • Access the My Browser application and click on the "Profile" section in the lower right area
  • Once inside, access the settings from the upper right area
  • Activate the option "Download images and videos"
Download Video Social Networks 1

The Security app, MIUI's personal Swiss army knife

And to finish, we could not miss our beloved Security application, the Swiss army knife that we all want to have on our phone , Xiaomi has it, and it is very good. From there we will be able to do practically everything in order to have the best possible health on our phone, from detecting and eliminating any virus , to cleaning the system to achieve the best possible performance.

Xiaomi Security App

Its interface is very simple. From the main screen we can access all the functions that refer to cleaning the system, whether at the storage, cache or security level , in addition to other tools such as the second space , application blocking or the use of dual applications that We have commented to you previously.

This is how the newsroom of xiaomist optimizes the battery of the mobile
In xiaomist
This is how the newsroom of xiaomist optimizes the battery of the mobile

Our recommendation is that you take a look at all the possibilities that this tool is able to offer by navigating between its menus , where you will find a number of very remarkable functions in order to be able to configure practically everything.

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