{Disarmed} Samsung: RAM feature is coming to more phones

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G colors

The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G was the first Samsung smartphone that it had a new feature called RAM Plus on board. RAM Plus expands the memory available on the phone by using 4 GB of built-in memory as virtual memory.

Back then, people wondered if RAM Plus would be available on other Galaxy devices. And now it looks like it is. RAM Plus has also arrived on the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and even on the flagship Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 with its 12 GB of RAM.

The function was initially not available on the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Samsung only seems to have introduced the feature with a recent software update. Now that this model has also been equipped with RAM Plus, other high-end and flagship phones, such as the Galaxy S21 series, are likely to appear soon.

RAM Plus is not customizable. There is 4 GB of additional virtual memory, there is no way to change it or disable the feature. Whether RAM Plus is available on your Galaxy, simply open the submenu "Battery and Device Care" under "Settings" and then tap on "Storage".


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