{Disarmed} Samsung is removing ads from Samsung Pay and Samsung Health

Samsung Pay

Samsung has finally started removing the ads from the One UI Stock apps. A few weeks ago, the company promised to remove ads from proprietary apps like Samsung Weather, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Theme. At that time, however, there was no precise schedule for this measure.

Samsung has now started removing ads from Samsung Health and Samsung Pay. In a statement in the Samsung community forums, a moderator revealed that the Samsung Health app will no longer display advertising as of today.

A separate post from a community member shows that the company has also removed advertising from Samsung Pay. It's great that Samsung is finally finally breaking through to remove ads from the One UI Stock Apps. While the company doesn't have any information about when it will remove the ads from the rest of the apps, it is expected to roll out similar updates to Samsung Weather, Samsung Theme, and more in the coming weeks.

Currently, the advertising in Samsung Health and Samsung Pay has only been removed from the South Korean One UI firmware version. It could take a while for these changes to roll out in other regions.


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