{Disarmed} Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 gets patch in September 2021, now also has RAM Plus on board

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G

Now the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has also received the RAM Plus feature. As a result, the tablet now also uses the device's virtual memory by tapping it from the internal memory. Could be helpful in some situations.

Little by little, Samsung is distributing RAM Plus to many of its devices. Even the flagships of the Galaxy S21 series. Even if they actually have enough RAM on board. With RAM Plus you now get an additional 4 GB of "additional" virtual memory.

The feature will come to the tablet with the September 2021 update, but it has a few more improvements to offer. There is improved usability of Quick Share, the calling app, contacts and messages.

As always, this update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is being distributed to users in waves, so some of you might have to wait a little longer.

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