{Disarmed} Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra gets a camera with a water drop design

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Render

Samsung will officially unveil the Galaxy S22 series early next year, and there are bound to be some surprises. It is already official that this series will have three models. There will be the base model Galaxy S22, the Galaxy S22 + and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. A lot has focused on the Ultra model in the past few weeks. That's because it has a new design, similar to the Note series.

However, there is still conflicting information about the exact design language of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. However, a former employee of Samsung Electronics' cellular division using the pseudonym Super Roader claims that the camera system will look different from what we've seen before. Unfortunately, all information about the design of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is pure speculation.

According to LetsGoDigital, the South Korean manufacturer will opt for a water drop design this time. Samsung seems to want to equip the new top model with a camera design similar to that used in cheaper smartphone models within the A series - think of the Galaxy A32, for example. The cameras of the S22 Ultra will of course protrude further from the housing than is the case with inexpensive smartphones such as the A32. That's because phones like the A32 don't have a zoom lens. The new Ultra, on the other hand, will have two telecameras - with 3x and 10x optical zoom.

If you opt for a water drop camera, you can also save weight. Samsung doesn't want to make the new top model heavier than the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which weighs 228 grams. The S Pen compartment and the stylus pen themselves add weight, of course. The South Korean manufacturer wants to compensate for this with a camera system that is as light as possible.

In the YouTube video below, Super Roader talks in detail about the S22 Ultra, and of course the expected camera design is also discussed. The South Korean video can be viewed with subtitles.

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