{Disarmed} Samsung Galaxy S21 FE release will take place at CES 2022

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE header

If Samsung had adhered to the annual schedule for the presentation of its new Fan Edition smartphones, the Galaxy S21 FE would have been officially presented in May. But as we all know, Samsung failed to do this. The latest rumors point to a release in January 2022.

It is said that Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy S21 FE in the first month of 2022. But the cell phone won't hit the market on January 11th , as another rumor suggested. Instead, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE should be announced a few days earlier.

It is said that Samsung wants to introduce the Galaxy S21 FE at CES 2022. The next CES is scheduled for January 5-8 and will take place in Las Vegas as usual.

It's been years since Samsung announced a new smartphone at CES. The event is usually reserved for consumer electronics. Against this background, the Galaxy S21 FE shouldn't get a lot of competition and a lot of attention at the CES.

Samsung has not yet made an official statement, but according to SamMobile the presentation of the Galaxy S21 FE at CES 2022 has been practically confirmed.


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