{Disarmed} Redmi Note series is Xiaomi s cash cow

Redmi Note 11 Pro

During today's Redmi Note 11 event, Lu Weibing, General Manager of the Redmi brand, revealed that the Redmi Note series has sold over 240 million times worldwide. It was only announced in May that 200 million devices had been sold at the time.

Before that it was 140 million in November last year and 100 million in October 2019. So in the last 5 months Xiaomi has managed to sell 40 million units - that's an average of 8 million per month.

Redmi Note-Reihe 240 Millionen Geräte
Source: Redmi

What does the future of the Redmi Note series look like? Apparently dazzling, because the Redmi Note series has developed into a cash cow for Xiaomi. Good technology at an affordable price is likely to remain the trademark of the series in the future.

The global expansion of Xiaomi will also contribute to the fact that the worldwide sales figures of the Redmi Note series will continue to develop positively in the future.


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