{Disarmed} Redmi Note 11: 120W load, new type of screen and a lot of other information leaked

Redmi Note 11: 120W load, new type of screen and a lot of other information leaked

A few days ago we exclusively anticipated the existence of a Redmi Note 11, the legitimate heir to the Redmi Note 10 . With no date for an upcoming big event, this is all we know about the new Redmi Note 11.

All part of a message on Weibo , the Chinese messaging portal where Lu Weibing, current CEO of Redmi, stated that he had a "very busy" October ahead of him . All the alarms went off and the lights clearly pointed to a Note 11, since the message was also accompanied by a photo of himself during the presentation of the Redmi Note 10.

Redmi Note 11, uncovered

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The first information leaked from this new Redmi Note 10 begins by analyzing its battery. A priori, Xiaomi would have introduced both the 120W fast charge, already seen in the new Xiaomi 11T Pro and Xiaomi MIX 4, in addition to incorporating a battery of approximately 5020 mAh, resembling that of the Note 10 Pro Max.


If we take a look at what is insinuated from the outside, a triple camera with a 108MP main sensor stands out on the rear edge. The screen, for its part, points to an AMOLED display with a resolution rate that could exceed the 120Hz already seen , this time betting on 144Hz. The resolution, perhaps , would make a leap to 2K.

Release date and price of the new Redmi Note 11


The presentation of this terminal would come from the hand of another device of the brand, a new Redmi Watch 2 (Xiaomi Watch Lite 2), and its launch would take place before 2022. Of course, both the price and the possible term of distribution of this new Redmi Note 11.

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The news Redmi Note 11: 120W load, new type of screen and other leaked information was originally published on Xiaomi World by Isra Fdez .


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