{Disarmed} POCO F4: new leaks from China show us in full their possible final design

POCO F4: new leaks from China show us in full their possible final design

The new family of products called Redmi K50 is close to being able to see the light in the Chinese market. This device, as has happened in previous generations, is expected to reach the global market under the name of POCO F4 , which will replace the current POCO F3 that is leaving such good results in the coffers of Xiaomi.

Until now, we were completely unaware of the design that this new generation would adopt, but as we can read through MyDrivers and thanks to some renderings published by the well-known HoiINDI filter, the POCO F4 will present a completely renewed design with a very more premium .

{"videoId":"x80hnvw","autoplay":true,"title":"POCO F3 ANÁLISIS tras primera toma de contacto - ¡LO QUERRÁS! Pero necesita mejoras..."}

A very different rear from the entire Xiaomi product range

As we tell you, the new Redmi K50 or POCO F4 series will present a completely renewed design that has little to do with the current generation of the POCO F3. In fact, not even the front part is maintained, since the selfie camera located in the upper central area would be located in the upper left corner although, yes, maintaining a really small size of the perforation in the panel.


Apparently, the use of the screen with respect to the body would also be improved, but the radical change will be found in the back of the terminal. In it we can see how Xiaomi would have chosen to present a completely protagonist camera module, with a circular format and housing up to three large sensors in addition to a LED flash in the central part.

POCO F4: departure date, price and news about this new benchmark
In Xiaomi World
POCO F4: departure date, price and news about this new benchmark

Another interesting detail is that, if we take into account the filtered images of the new POCO F4, we see how it would have chosen to incorporate different materials in the device, its sides being completely metallic and a back finished in glass , thus achieving a device with a better finish compared to what we have in the current generation.

Little F4 1

Of course, we must bear in mind that these images are simply a render that has not been confirmed by Xiaomi itself , so we must take the information with tweezers until it is the company itself that confirms whether its new Redmi K50 series whether or not it will adopt this final aspect.

Source | MyDrivers

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The POCO F4 news : new leaks from China show us in full its possible final design was originally published on Xiaomi World by Daniel Vega .


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