{Disarmed} Pixel Stand: Update adds new features for the Pixel 6 charging station

Google Pixel Stand

The Pixel Stand app has received an update that brings with it a Material You redesign and prepares fans for the upcoming second generation of the Pixel Stand. The new charging station should be shown next week as part of the presentation of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

One of the many improvements made to the Pixel 6 series over Google's previous phones is the increase in charging speed, both wired and wireless. To that end, Google has prepared a new Pixel Stand wireless charger that is equipped with fans to dissipate the heat from faster charging.

In the run-up to the Pixel Fall launch event next week, which could also serve as the start date for Android 12 on all Pixel phones, an update for the Pixel Stand app (version was rolled out via the Play Store. The most noticeable change for Android 12 devices is a Material You redesign and full support for Android 12's dynamic color system.

In addition to simply changing the colors, most of the animations have also been replaced and the text sizes have been adjusted. When setting up the wireless charger on the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, you can choose how fast you want the phone to charge while it's on the stand. The selected charging speed determines how fast and loudly the internal fans of the charger rotate.

There are three options available: Optimized, Max, and Quiet. If you just want the Pixel 6 (Pro) to be quickly charged and ready to go, the Max option will charge at full speed and run the fans as fast as possible to help balance out the heat. The "Quiet" mode, on the other hand, charges slowly so that the fans don't run as loud - perfect for overnight charging. The default "Optimized" appears to be somewhere in the middle and charges your phone at a rate that makes "sense based on usage".


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