{Disarmed} Outrageous accusation: Amazon copies bestseller products and manipulates search results [Update]

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After extensive research, Reuters found that Amazon was copying products and manipulating search results to promote its own brands. That would be outrageous allegations against the online retailer. Apparently he has abused his market power again.

A series of internal Amazon documents show how the e-commerce giant ran a systematic campaign to create imitations and manipulate search results to promote its own product lines in India - practices Amazon has so far denied.

The Solimo project copied Amazon's most popular items and used sales data from sellers on the platform to compete directly with them. So it means that you made copies and even pushed them specifically in the search queries on Amazon in India. The sellers of the original goods have thus lost a large part of their buyers to Amazon directly.

The scam seems to have worked so well on Amazon for a long time, and not just in India. Because as early as 2018, the European Union initiated an investigation against Amazon on this subject. And in 2020 Amazon was again charged with this scam.

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, on the other hand, says that Amazon does not harm its third-party marketers, on the contrary, it helps the sellers. What does not fit now is a letter published by Bezos in 2018 to investors in which he admitted that "third-party providers give our products a big kick in the buttocks". It seems as if Amazon wants to rip the well-running products as a copy under the nail.

Update: Now Amazon has also spoken out (translated from English):

"As we told Reuters when they contacted us about the story in question, these claims are false and unfounded. Amazon does not give any sellers preferential treatment in its marketplace - all sellers determine and control the pricing of their products and independently manage their own inventory, including private labels that are sold by independent sellers on our marketplace. We have a policy that strictly prohibits the use or disclosure of non-public, seller-specific information to sellers, including private label sellers. This guideline applies uniformly across the company to all employees, our internal teams are regularly trained in their application, and we thoroughly investigate all reports about employees who violate this guideline. Finally, we display search results based on relevance to customers, regardless of whether the products are sellers' own brands or not. We continue to work to ensure that all types of sellers can be successful by working together to improve customer choice on Amazon.in, regardless of whether or not they sell private labels. "

An Amazon spokesperson


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