{Disarmed} Oppo ColorOS 12: Global Launch Date Announced

ColorOS 12

Last month Oppo announced ColorOS 12 for the Chinese market. It will bring many new features and focus on improving speed, convenience and usability. The beta test phase of the new version of the user interface in China has already started .

Now Oppo is preparing to introduce ColorOS 12 to the global market. The announcement of the new version will take place in a week - October 11th. On its YouTube channel, the company has started a countdown for the international launch of the new version of Oppo's firmware.

In ColorOS 12, the developers put a lot of emphasis on colors and shadows in order to better highlight important information. The Quantum Animation Engine 3.0 was introduced to make everything smoother and to improve the system animation. The AI ​​Self-Smooth Engine 2.0 was introduced so that the device uses memory and energy efficiently.

ColorOS 12 features

  • Revision of the user interface based on Infinite Design with new icons, animations and avatars. The design of the icons has been standardized across the UI, the colors are more muted
  • Optimized positioning of the UI elements: there is more space so that the user is not confused
  • Increased text contrast, additional shades of color
  • Improved FlexDrop function for multitasking: You can drag an app with a gesture and switch between the full screen view and the view in a small and a mini window
  • Smart Sidebar 2.0 with six innovative tools, including playing music from the Internet directly in the Music Player app or comparing prices on e-commerce sites
  • Connection function between different screens for PC-smartphone connectivity. So you can z. B. Control the smartphone yourself from the laptop and transfer files quickly (requires Windows 10)
  • Car screen projection functionality and support for a growing number of apps that can be viewed directly on your car's display
  • Emoji: Emoji avatars that can be created using the Face Capture algorithm
  • Softer animations
  • Improved performance
  • 300 new animations thanks to the Quantum Animation Engine
  • AI to reduce user interface delays. The tests carried out by Oppo have given satisfactory results: a simulation of continuous use over 36 months actually resulted in an aging of the smartphone by only 2.75% and a decrease in reading and writing performance of 5%. The same AI can manage the apps to ensure personalized use of the smartphone based on the habits and preferences of the users.
  • New functions for data protection and security (as with Android 12)
  • Ability to delete metadata from pictures and videos before they are shared on the web

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