{Disarmed} Official Black Shark 4S and 4S Pro: All about these gaming phones

If the Black Shark 4 and its Pro version had already left us very good feelings, now, the 4S and 4S Pro models come to surprise us even more! (At least, as far as its performance is concerned). Likewise, Black Shark has also renewed its catalog of smartphones, improving their features with regard to mobile games , and with still very attractive prices.

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What are the features of the Black Shark 4S?

These new versions are based on a design change, making them better phones for gaming. Specifically, the 4S features a Gundam version , which is sure to be liked by fans of Japanese Mecha-like anime.

  • When it comes to the display, panel features a 6.67 "Full HD + and a refresh rate of 144 H z. Likewise, it has a touch sampling at 720 Hz , which offers a double area of ​​touch sensitivity, each one, being able to work independently (video below).
  • Taking a look at the hardware, in the 4S version we find a Snapdragon 870, while the 4S Pro now has a Snapdragon 888+ , still maintaining the Dual Disk Array of the previous version.
  • It also has UFS 3.1 internal storage and versions with 128 and 256GB of internal storage. As for the RAM memory it has 8 and 12GB .
  • Its large battery is 4,500 mAh, and it has a fast charge of an incredible 120W .
  • While its camera has two main sensors, one of 48 MP for the 4S model and the second of 64 MP , for the 4S Pro model, in addition to its 20Mpx selfie camera.

What are the features of the Black Shark 4S Pro?

The Pro version of the new Black Shark model is quite similar in design. Where we find changes is inside, where we can find the Snapdragon 888 Plus processor and an Adreno 660 GPU .

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The Black Shark 4S Pro features a combination of up to 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM and up to 512GB of UFS 3.1 storage combined with NVMe SSD Memory Disk Array System technology .

Another change with respect to the normal 4S version, in addition to its improvement in the camera to 64Mpx , is the audio . Black Shark ensures that the PRO version will undoubtedly be the best current phone in terms of sound . Currently it must be said that according to the dxomark tests, the Black Shark 4 Pro is the best phone in terms of audio.

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What is the price and availability of the new Black Shark 4S and 4S Pro?

Both the Black Shark 4S and the 4S Pro are already in the Chinese market , and it is most likely that we will soon be able to find them in the international market.

Their prices vary depending on their characteristics as follows:

  • Black Shark 4S 8 / 128GB version : 2,699 yuan, about 362 euros to change
  • Black Shark 4S version 12 / 128GB: 2,999 yuan, about 402 euros to change
  • Black Shark 4S version 12 / 256GB: 3,299 yuan, about 443 euros to change
  • Black Shark Pro version 4S 12 / 256GB: 4,799 yuan, about 644 euros to change
  • Black Shark Pro version 4S 16 / 512GB: 5,499 yuan, about 738 euros to change

As we also mentioned, we find a Gundam version for the 4S, priced at € 470, with unique 12 / 256GB features and exclusive accessories for fans.

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