{Disarmed} "Nora" emergency call app removed from all stores in Germany

nora emergency call app

The new emergency call app "nra2" could only be found in the German stores of Google and Apple for a few days. With this app it should be possible to reach the police, fire brigade and ambulance service quickly and easily in an emergency - just like calling the emergency number 110 or 112. But there seem to be problems.

Anyone who installs the official emergency call app of the federal states "nora" will currently no longer find the app in the German stores. Any problems led to the decision to remove the apps. Officially, it is said that the high demand made work on the infrastructure for the emergency call system necessary.

Once again it is evident that German authorities and apps somehow do not go together. Because even the stop of the digital driver's license in the last few days does not cast a good light on the digital competence of German authorities.

You can still get the app from support, where you can still download it. If you already had "nora" installed, you can continue to use the app in an emergency. Still, you can only shake your head again.

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