{Disarmed} A new Xiaomi patent of ours a gigantic camera aimed at its future flagship

A new Xiaomi patent of ours a gigantic camera aimed at its future flagship

A gigantic camera with analog zoom, curved screen and almost invisible bezels for the new flagship of the brand. Xiaomi has registered a patent where its smartphone of the future is presented

The original news comes from Let's Go Digital and part of a registration carried out by Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software on September 25, 2020 . The documentation, however, was not published until October 15, 2021. The registration was documented in The Hague International Design System, database of the OPMI (World Intellectual Property Office) and corresponds to the heading of industrial designs.

The successor to the Xiaomi 12?

Xiaomi Smartphone Curved Display

We said a few days ago that the Xiaomi CIVI marked a new path in the company's journey. And it seems that this is going to be: a new terminal with a sleek design has been registered, with smooth and rounded corners, a curved screen and a camera decorated with a gigantic ring.

The front camera or selfie, this time, is located on the left margin instead of being marked by a hole in the center, another somewhat strange clue that perhaps responds to a need because the rear camera is, this time, gigantic.


According to the disseminated images, we would be facing a high-end with a camera of, presumably, 108 megapixels, as usual in the company, in addition to two other sensors, a smaller one that would be the ultra-wide angle and another with a square or slightly rectangular design which would be a periscope telephoto zoom. Just below them we would have the usual flash light emitter.

The camera of the iPhone 13 Pro is not enough to unseat the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, according to DxOMark
In xiaomist
The camera of the iPhone 13 Pro is not enough to unseat the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, according to DxOMark

The key lies in the size: if we take a look at the proportion, this camera is slightly larger than the ones seen to date on the brand's mobiles, even on the Xiaomi 11 Ultra . A larger space would also compromise part of the comfort but perhaps it would propose a new step - literally, in fact - in Xiaomi's ambition to build the best possible mobile camera .

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The news A new Xiaomi patent of ours for a gigantic camera aimed at its future flagship was originally published on xiaomist by Isra Fdez .


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