{Disarmed} New Xiaomi High Temperature Mop: 3 in 1!

We recently talked about the new Mijia Pro robot vacuum cleaner ; And to complement cleaning at home, Xiaomi has also launched its new 3-in-1 mop with incredible features.

Fregadora de pisos inalámbrica de alta temperatura Xiaomi Mijia |  Fregona lavapavimenti

Features Mijia High-temperature Wireless Floor Scrubber

This new cordless, high-temperature mop for floors will not only help us to leave the floor gleaming, but also allows us to dry and vacuum ; since, as we said, we are talking about 3 functions in a single gadget.

In addition, in this Mijia mop we find an ergonomic handle, as well as two small but fully functional wheels at the bottom . And as we mentioned in the title of this post, one of its most attractive features is, without a doubt, its high temperature washing .

And it is that it has a container inside, where the water can be heated up to 55 degrees; which facilitates a deep cleaning . As we can see, it is an ideal tool for maximum hygiene at home.

Xiaomi Mijia High Temperature Wireless Floor Scrubber | Lavapavimenti mop

  • This high pressure mop is highly recommended in the park , although it can be used on all types of floors .

Xiaomi High Pressure Mop Operation Video

Mijia Mop-Vacuum Cleaner price and availability

The price of this new Xiomi Mijia mop is 2,999 yuan, which at the current exchange rate would be just over € 400. For now, as for its availability, it is only known that it has been on sale since October 20, in Chinese territory, although at the moment we have not found stores that offer it outside.

We will update this article when we find the best price for this new mop.

Xiaomi Mijia High Temperature Wireless Floor Scrubber | Lavapavimenti mop


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