{Disarmed} The latest Pixel 6 leak offers new wallpapers [Download]

Google Pixel 6 Pro Silver

Part of the marketing for the Pixel 6 is being able to make it your own, including matching the colors of Android 12 to your wallpaper. Thanks to the latest Pixel 6 leak, you can now download the wallpapers that are very similar to the designs shown in the advertisements for the new Google Phones.

Ever since Google announced the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, we've known that every phone will come in three colors. The Pixel 6 will appear in green, red and black, while the Pixel 6 Pro will be available in silver, gold and black.

With the new feature "dynamic colors" in its Material-You-Design-Language, Android 12 has created the prerequisites for re-coloring all types of apps so that they match the current background image.

To take it a step further, why not use a wallpaper that matches the exterior of the phone? In a recent ad, Google did just that, showing all six color variants of the Pixel 6 models along with a matching background image.

The latest pixel leak from M. Brandon Lee on Twitter now features the wallpapers that Google used. The only thing missing is the purple wallpaper that can be seen on the smaller black Pixel 6, instead there is a wallpaper with gray and beige tones.

In the reference you can find the wallpapers in the correct resolution for download.


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