{Disarmed} Is the upcoming Xiaomi 12 already described in a one-year-old patent?

Xiaomi 12 render

Thanks to a recently surfaced patent application, we could now take a look at the company's upcoming flagship - the Xiaomi Mi 12. The patent in question was filed on September 25, 2020 and was only officially published a few days ago. And while it doesn't specifically mention a model name or number, there are certain characteristics that suggest we're talking about a flagship device.

If you look at the drawings in the patent application, you immediately notice the curved display and the wafer-thin edges around the screen. The front of the phone looks very similar to the Xiaomi Mi 11, with a recess for the selfie camera in the upper left corner.

The display also appears to have rounded corners that are more curved than the Xiaomi Mi 11. More details can be found on the back as this mysterious device has a brand new main camera layout.

Xiaomi 12 Patent
Source: LetsGoDigital

The triple camera system is placed in the middle in a pill-shaped, elongated hump. The main camera is on top and appears to be surrounded by a thick ring, although this could just be the representation of the camera on the drawing (or a possible ring flash?).

Below the main camera is a smaller circular camera, which is probably responsible for ultra-wide-angle shots. Below we find a rectangular shaped object that is almost certainly a periscope zoom camera.

At the bottom we find what appears to be an LED flash or some kind of sensor (ToF?) And if we look at the phone from the side we can see that the main lens sticks out further than the other two.


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