{Disarmed} Is this what the upcoming Apple iPhone 14 Pro looks like? [Video]

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Concept

The Apple iPhone 13 is only just on the market, the successor is casting its shadow. Render images should now already show the alleged design of the 2022 iPhone. And Apple will be making two major design changes to its models in the process.

The well-known leaker Jon Prosser had already struck and presented us with the alleged design of the Apple iPhone 14 . But you should be careful, because the hit rate on his leaks sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. But if the iPhone 14 appears like this, then the famous notch will finally have had its day. New render images go in the same direction.

At least with the Pro models, Apple could probably do without it in the future. However, it will be exciting to see how the technology that is otherwise hidden in the notch is then installed. Because only a simple punch hole should then disturb the front of the iPhone with a 120 Hz display. The corresponding device is currently to be tested with the code name "D85x".

And also on the back there is a possibly pleasant innovation in the design. Because the camera sensors on the back should be built flat again in the housing and no longer protrude from it. The metal frame should be made of robust titanium.

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