{Disarmed} Is the Sony Xperia Alpha coming with Android 12 next week?

Sony Xperia camera flagship teaser

According to reports, Sony's next smartphone will be the Xperia Alpha. Allegedly it will come onto the market with Android 12 and Sony has already announced that the device will have the " best smartphone camera ".

Sony has something else up its sleeve. As reported, Sony announced the announcement of a new Xperia product on October 26th. And it should be the Sony Xperia Alpha. So far, however, no further details about the device are known.

Now Sony has released a teaser video. The focus of the video is on the camera capabilities of the Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III, not their performance or battery life. This suggests that Sony's next Xperia product will be another flagship product that will primarily be marketed through its cameras.

According to rumors, the device will hit the market with Android 12. In addition, Sony is said to have agreed on the name Xperia Alpha. We'll know more next week.

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