{Disarmed} Huawei’s blood pressure watch will hit the market in November

Huawei Watch with blood-pressure

The first Huawei smartwatch that can measure blood pressure passed the medical device approval test in May. It is expected that this new watch will be officially launched this year.

According to an entry on Weibo, the first Huawei watch that supports blood pressure measurements is due to hit the market in November 2021. Huawei announced three new health studies in January, including research into high blood pressure management, intelligent body temperature monitoring, and coronary heart disease screening.

In addition, Huawei was looking for the first testers for the new blood pressure watch back in September . This phase now seems to be about to be completed if the watch is expected to be released in November. This new smartwatch will be called Huawei Watch D.

Huawei update

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