{Disarmed} Huawei will lose further market shares in China in the third quarter of 2021, and the Chinese are giving manufacturers the cold shoulder

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The figures for the market shares of the individual manufacturers are now available from China. And things are still not looking good for Huawei. Because even in your home country you continue to lose market share. Huawei now has a market share of only 8 percent even in China.

Because of the US sanctions, the shortage of chips and the lack of 5G components, Huawei continues to lose important market shares in its own country. Gone are the days when the manufacturer received huge support from its own compatriots and their smartphones were bought like crazy.

But since nothing works in China without 5G and this is exactly what Huawei is missing, the Chinese are now giving the manufacturer the cold shoulder. While in Q3 / 2020 it was the undisputed number 1 with a market share of 30 percent, it now only comes to 8 percent and 6th place.

According to the Counterpoint smartphone sales report for Q3 / 2021, Huawei is seeing a 77 percent year-over-year decline and an 18 percent year-over-quarter decline.

Counterpoint Research

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