{Disarmed} Huawei HarmonyOS now installed on 150 million devices

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Huawei announced that the HarmonyOS upgrade has now reached over 150 million users in China. The 150 million HarmonyOS device mark comes after 120 million installations were announced by September 23, 2021.

Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, opened the Huawei Developer Conference 2021, announcing that the latest HarmonyOS number includes different types of device platforms - smartphones, tablets, IoT, smart home and more.

Yu also confirmed that Huawei plans to do around 200 million HarmonyOS upgrades this year. For the next year, however, they have set themselves a bigger goal. But the big question is actually when HarmonyOS will be "released" globally.

Allegedly, HarmonyOS 3.0 will soon be around the corner . This should appear this year, the announcement is to be expected at the HDC 2022.

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