{Disarmed} Huawei confirms EMUI 12 update for a range of smartphones


Huawei unveiled EMIUI 12, the next big update for its smartphones worldwide, along with the launch of the Nova 9 in Europe last week. At yesterday's APAC Autumn Product Launch Event, the company confirmed the list of devices that will receive the update in the first half of 2022.

A list of Huawei smartphones has been published that will receive the EMIUI 12 update from the 1st half of 2022. Of course, there are also models that do not exist in this country:

  • Mate 40 Pro
  • P40 Pro +
  • P40 Pro
  • P40
  • Mate Xs
  • Mate 30 Pro
  • Mate 30
  • P30 Pro
  • P30
  • Mate 20 Pro
  • Mate 20 RS
  • Mate 20 X 5G
  • Mate 20 X
  • Mate 20
  • P20 Pro
  • P20
  • Mate 10 Porsche Design
  • Mate 10 Pro
  • Mate 10
  • nova 7
  • nova 7 SE
  • nova 7i
  • nova 5T
  • nova 4
  • nova 4e
  • Y9 Prime 2019
  • Y9s
  • Y8p

EMUI 12 features

  • Minimalistic and realistic: the innovative interface design brings the digital world to life. Finely coordinated color gradients create a real feeling of depth on the display, while the simple color format in black, white and blue offers a clean, sophisticated look.
  • Feel movement the natural way: The realistic gravity and magnet movement design, which mimics the movement of celestial objects in the universe, make every interaction feel more fluid, more alive and look the way it should be.
  • Flexible adjustment of the font weight: EMUI 12 supports the stepless adjustment of the font size and weight with a slider in order to meet your reading habits and to offer a pleasant viewing experience.
  • The Control Shortcut: Swipe to open the control panel and get quick access to audio, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth settings without leaving your current screen1.
  • Device + Smart Collaboration is just a tap away: tap the MatePad icon to activate multi-screen collaboration with Matepad. Make calls, send messages, and check photos from your phone on the tablet screen. Tap the Vision icon to set HUAWEI Vision as the display for your mobile phone and enjoy videos on the big screen. Tap the headset icon again to hear audio from videos with Freebuds so you can enjoy content without disturbing others.
  • Get the files you want, easier than ever: With the new distributed file system, you can instantly access your phone documents or photos, as easily as on any other drive in your laptop. Open, view and enjoy - all without a single cable.
  • MeeTime - Stay connected at all times - Cross-device video calls: With the MeeTime Video Call Transfer function, you can seamlessly transfer video calls that you have made on your mobile phone to HUAWEI Vision and, if necessary, return them to your mobile phone.
  • Mastering Challenges with Greater Confidence - Fast, Lasting Performance Experience a faster digital life with EMUI 12. Websites and apps load as you scroll. Return to the same page the next time you load. Even after prolonged use, the response to the operation and the start of applications are as smooth as ever.
  • Privacy Unlock: Enter a password to unlock your phone from the laptop when using Multi-Screen Collaboration5. Set your watch as your phone's trusted device for extra protection. Only when they are connected can you unlock the phone using Face Unlock.


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