{Disarmed} How to calibrate the battery of a Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco mobile

On this occasion, we come to show you how to calibrate the battery of the mobile, be it Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco or any other model, since it serves to all to a great extent. It is a process that is very simple, but many do not know how to do it well.

[TUTORIAL] Learn to calibrate the battery of your Xiaomi

learn to calibrate the battery of your xiaomi

This procedure is extremely important to prevent the system from showing an erroneous battery percentage , produced by charging our smartphone to 100% in a row. But also, by simply using fast or wireless charging.

Without further explanation, these are the steps to calibrate the battery in mobile phones with Miui :

  1. Turn off your phone completely
  2. Charge your mobile up to 100% . Then wait about 2 or 4 minutes to disconnect it from the power.
  3. Discharges the entire battery . So use your mobile non-stop, play games, text messages, listen to music, watch videos on YouTube ...
  4. Once it fully discharges and turns off , let it sit . With a couple of hours, it is more than enough.
  5. Please recharge the phone fully . Just like this, connect your mobile OFF and let it charge. It is mandatory that you do not turn it on, for no reason!
  6. When it is 100%, turn on your mobile . After fully charging it, you can proceed to turn on your mobile and use it normally, well ... The battery will be calibrated!

An advice? After calibrating, never charge the battery to 100% again! Nor do you download it completely. It is highly recommended to keep the mobile with a load of 20% - 80% , and play between those values ​​for better optimization and duration.

Use third-party apps to calibrate your battery

Another tip to calibrate and see the "real" state of your battery is to download a third-party application such as Accubattery .

This application shows you the status of your battery and gives you tips to calibrate it more or less as we have explained in this article.

Remember that you do not lose anything by trying and your battery can return to its good times! You can download this application from the official Play Store, here .

calibrate xiaomi battery

Calibrate your battery PRO mode (advanced users)

There is another method to calibrate the battery of your smartphone, which is only recommended for advanced users. The method consists of deleting the file that is in charge of storing the records of your battery, since when deleting that file a new one is generated again.

This method consists of:

  • Carry out a charge from 0 to 100% with the phone turned off (as explained above)
  • Once it is turned on, download and install the Root Explorer application . Open the Data folder / select System and find a file called: batterystats.bin and delete it.
  • Unplug the mobile from the charger and use it until it turns off completely, by itself.
  • At that moment, it is when the battery is readjusted to 0% and you would already have it calibrated.
  • Now you just have to recharge it to 100% and leave it for a few more minutes!

Another video on how to calibrate your phone's battery

How to calibrate the battery of your Xiaomi with third-party applications?

You can use the Accubattery app to calibrate and check the status of your battery

How to reset the battery in xiaomi?

Advanced users can fully charge the phone and then delete the batterystats.bin file. This will delete the battery data and it will be calibrated again as factory.


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