{Disarmed} Google announces Android 12L for tablets and foldables, first developer preview available

Android 12L

Today, Google announced Android 12L, which is specifically geared towards tablets, Chromebooks, and foldable devices. It includes features that make these larger displays easier and more efficient to use.

It's not a new version of Android. Rather, it is a new feature drop for Android 12 itself. Google has given this new function its own name to underline the importance of the update.

The first Developer Preview of 12L is available starting today. Ultimately, there will also be developer previews for Pixel phones. However, since most of the functions will be invisible on smaller displays, these previews will only be really helpful for developers.

In general, the Android 12L update just improves the experience of running Android on a large display. This includes sophisticated UI elements and compatibility support.

The update has even more to offer than that. There will also be a new, easy-to-use split-screen function that enables two apps to be run at the same time. There is also a new taskbar that appears automatically when using devices such as tablets.

Android 12L also allows for automatic formatting of apps that are better suited for large screens. Developers are of course encouraged to design their apps to look good on all screen sizes. But with Android 12L, apps that haven't been optimized by the developers will also look better.

Android 12L will hit the market "early next year," just in time for the new wave of Android tablets, according to Google.

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