{Disarmed} The front of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 exposed

The front of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 exposed

Although we have been talking about the specifications of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 range for a long time, very little is said about its front.

A new color showing the front

Remember that it is a smartphone that has not been presented yet, although the sources are very reliable . Just a couple of days before the event, leaked images already appear in which the few details that we were missing are revealed.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 will have a large screen, close to the 6.67 inches that Xiaomi has already established as the standard in other devices. The interesting thing about this panel, of which we still do not know its construction, is that the front camera is integrated through a hole in the screen.

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The refresh rate would be 120 Hz , which will allow you to enjoy a very good fluidity.

The images show that it takes up very little space, although we will have to wait to be sure. One of the open debates between the different filters is in the processor, where although it is true that most bet on the Mediatek Dimensity 920 for the main one, in the Pro / Pro + version there are different opinions. Some say it will be the same, while others think it will house the Dimensity 1200 .

Chip Dimensity Redmi Note 11

In any case, they correspond to solvent chips capable of executing the vast majority of day-to-day tasks and games.

As for the photographic section, we have recently learned that the main sensor of the base model would integrate a 50 megapixel sensor , while the Pro versions would house the mythical 108 megapixel sensor.

Redmi Note 11

Fast charging is another of the great points of these new devices, which aim to be able to recharge at 120 W , the same speed as the Xiaomi 11T Pro .

This range will be available in different models, now one has been added in white which is through the image that we have been able to see the front of the device.

With this simple trick you can solve possible blockages of the fingerprint sensor of your Xiaomi phone
In xiaomist
With this simple trick you can solve possible blockages of the fingerprint sensor of your Xiaomi phone

About the price and availability and no data is known, beyond that they will be offered throughout the presentation on October 28 and would be around 200 euros. In the presentation we will also see the Redmi Watch 2 and the Redmi Smart Band Pro .

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The news The front of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 uncovered was originally published in xiaomist by Alejandro Fernández .


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